What is SEO and why is it important to the website you design?

What is SEO and why is it important to the website you design?
SEO or Search Engine Optimization plays a key role in affecting the visibility of a website in search engine results page {Google,Bing,Yahoo}. While designing websites there are several factors one should keep in mind.
1.Most important of them all is making sure that your website appears on the earlier listings of search engine results page, which there by increases the potential clients to visit your website.
2.Second important factor to consider is maintaining a unique, informative, appealing and up-to-date content compared to other websites.
3.Third factor is to make sure that your website have existing users and potential to attract new users, which you can achieve by posting questions and answers, encouraging them to vote on various things on your website and asking for suggestions to improve the content of your website.
4.Maintaining a good web design is also very important for a website.
So called SEO is responsible for achieving all the above said factors. SEO works in two ways.
1. SEO on site
2. SEO off site
SEO on site depends on many factors but there are factors which you can control like Title tags, Meta description, URL, Anchor text and Images. Title tags is what Google show when users search for something ,try to find correct key words or key word phrases to include in the title tags.It is a short description of about 30-40 words you find below the title tags by which users decide whether to click on the link or not. URL is the link by which users are able to visit your website. Anchor text is nothing but including specific key words in your webpage which leads to another page when users click on them.
SEO off site mainly depends on back links these are the links of your website on other websites which will lead them to your website.Even though designing websites is very difficult task, by following the above simple things one can achieve success in doing so.

If you’re a designer who’s short on cash to start a website or money for the required software, consider getting a short term loan for intial funding

If you are considering starting a design business but cannot afford the necessary software, it’s quite possible that a loan may be the best way to finance it. Starting a business, even a small one with no other employees, can be expensive. If you decide to set up a website, there are quite a few things that you will need; the best web software can be expensive, and if you are also planning on using sophisticated graphics, you may need to upgrade all your computer equipment. A decent monitor, for example, is essential for reviewing your work, and your processor needs to run quickly. There may be other office equipment, such as a good printer, to find too.

short term loanThe trouble is that you won’t start earning until everything is in place, so in order to get going you will need finance. Many people don’t like the idea of borrowing money, but in fact a loan could well be the best way forward. A short-term loan shouldn’t be too complicated to set up, and having cash on hand to buy the things you need for your new venture will probably enable you to get a better deal. The interest rate will almost certainly be less if you borrow the money than if you try to use credit cards for your essential purchases.

When you are borrowing money over a short period, it’s important to look at the overall cost rather than concentrating solely on the interest rate. If there is a set-up or arrangement fee, you may actually be paying more than if you borrowed with a higher interest rate but lower initial charges. Consider also the option of early repayment. Can you repay early without incurring extra charges? And what will be the consequences if you have to defer one or more payments? A little flexibility could be very useful if you will be relying on your new business earnings to pay the instalments.

Another important thing to remember is your credit history and whether you actually able to borrow the money you need. If this becomes a problem for you when you are trying to secure the finance you need, go to www.easyloanscompany.co.uk where you will stand a much greater chance of getting the money you need.

If you are a designer, there is no better way to showcase your work than creating a design website. Read below

As a designer who wants to get more widely recognised then one of the best things that you can do is to create your own design website them. This will give people the opportunity to view your designs from the comfort of their own home and perhaps consider purchasing some of them. By creating your own website you are also helping to establish your own "brand" which may further encourage customers to choose one of your designs again in the future if they like what they choose the first time. design website

On your design website you should include a little bit of information about each design such as the style of it and perhaps the inspiration for it. You could divide your designs up into several different categories so that potential consumers can look for the right design for them. On the design website you should include plenty of detailed and attractive looking photos of your designs and engaging descriptions of them so that potential customers are attracted to them.

Obviously you will need to get your website name known to people when you initially set it up. There are several effective and affordable ways to do this. One of free ways you can do this is by setting up your own page on a social networking site and asking people to like and share your page and photos and statuses you post from your page. You should also include your website address on any leaflets that you already hand out as a designer. Or if you are prepared to put a bit of money into your marketing then you could buy an advertisement in a local newspaper or magazine which encourages people to visit your website.

In the modern hi-tech world of the internet then having your own website is a great way to expand your design business and the financial benefits of doing so should follow.